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Electric Drive Monitor

Electric Drive Monitor

Monitors speed, torque, current. Remote change drive set speed. Used now on Unico,Yaskawa & Schneider/Square D Drives.

Other drives?  Supply the protocol, and we will program to meet your specific requirements.




Electric Generator Set Monitor

Electric Drive Monitor

Monitors engine water jacket temperature, engine oil pressure, generator output voltage, and generator output frequency.






Full Solar: Call In/Call Out

Electric Drive Monitor

Monitors status points like standard XTA. Provides spoken ambient temperature and battery voltage. Good to - 40 C.

Great for maintaining a compressor, generator set, booster, dehy, or battery where incoming power is a problem.




Ultra Low Solar: Call Out ONLY

Electric Drive Monitor

Monitors status points like standard XTA. Provides spoken ambient temperature and battery voltage.  Good to - 40 C.

Cost payback comes from Xtel's unique design (...no large solar panel, 100 AH battery, or solar charger required...) and reduced travel to remote NON-POWERED sites. Built to survive twenty days without sun at - 40 C ( with one acknowledged call/day)




Electric Drive Monitor

For cell phone power reliability -used at 120 V AC and 24 V DC sites where power failure is a real and continuous problem.



Ask us about SCADA with the XTA!

We supply innovative solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Also Available NOW...

Datalogging, Modem, VSD Control

What else can the Ultralow Solar XTA and standard XTA do:

  • Multiple Callout List Option ( up to 9 lists of 32 numbers each...)
  • Additional 8 status inputs for a total of 16 inputs
  • 10 sensor inputs (4-20 mA pressure, temperature, level, etc)
  • 1 RTD sensor input (temperature)
  • 1 Frequency sensor input (flow rate)
  • Additional 2 control outputs for at total of 4 outputs
  • Compatibility with Province-Wide Paging Services (eg. Telus...)

So with a properly optioned XTA, you can now monitor and alarm:

  • Oil tank level and get actual depths,
  • Compressor temperatures, speed and pressures,
  • Line pressure, temperature and flow,
  • Genset water jacket temperature, oil pressure, generator voltage and frequency
  • Variable speed drives – torque, current, RPM

XTA Has Full International Approvals :

  • CSA, NRTL/C, Industry Canada, and FCC.
  • Xtel International Ltd. applies this certification label on all new XTA products.

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