>> Solar Remote Monitor

Introducing your new XtelAlert Full Solar Remote Site Monitor Package.

Solar panel size and efficiency, battery type and size, cell phone and XTA power draw, grounding, and antenna configuration... To ensure reliable call outs under harsh conditions, all components have to be balanced. Here's why:

In -40C weather, a battery operates at 25% of its capacity.  The cell phone draws power during call outs, and the sun may not always be shining.  XTA effectively integrates all the components so you get payback from not over sizing batteries and solar panels.

This system has proved itself during cold Alberta winters and during major power outages.  Many users say three callouts have paid for the entire system through reduced maintenance trips & production savings.

This robust assembly includes a solar XTA, cell phone, data jack, temperature compensated charge controller, 6.5 dB directional yagi antenna, 40-watt panel, 100 AH lead acid battery, brackets, clamps, fused cabling, and all the features of a standard XTA:

  • Excellent protection from lightning, surges, & static
  • Call out via telephone, radio, cell phone, pager
  • Trouble-free long distance dial out (each 32 digits!)
  • Protected memory on dial-out numbers
  • Local & remote parameter changes
  • Voice label clarity - clean, crisp, human!
  • Easy setup, training, & operation
  • Customizable & expandable for the future
  • Dependable internal battery backup
  • Low maintenance, long battery life
  • Thirty Two (32) call out numbers
  • 9 callout lists
  • Sixteen input & control relays optional
  • Datalogging optional

All XTA’s can be optioned to speak ambient temperature and the assembly's actual battery voltage or supply voltage when called.

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