>> Electrical Generator Monitor

Is your company incurring unnecessary losses because your remote generator has completely failed and you didn't know about it?

Quick response by your staff reduces full shutdowns and costly equipment repairs. How much could you save if you were notified when there was a generator problem?

EGM provides clear and immediate voice alarm messages of critical generator set operating parameters:

Monitor engine water jacket temperature, engine oil pressure, generator output voltage, and generator output frequency...

Whether product prices are up or down, you're responsible for maximizing production while keeping costs in line. You want to address environmental and safety issues, and focus your field personnel on fixing problems that cause operational downtime.

EGM offers quality and reliability previously unavailable to the oil production industry.  It is a new, field-tested product within the XtelAlert ( XTA ) product line.  If you haven't already heard of XTA, it is a high reliability remote site monitor specifically designed to survive harsh and remote environments - sites prone to lightning, unreliable power, brownouts, and surges.

Generators achieve investment payback by running continuously.  Without reliable monitoring, constant field site checks have to become part of your daily operating practice.  Remote sites cost more to check and maintain.

Its' advance warning frees your staff to focus on other production work. Add the necessary sensors, plug-ins, and EGM to your generator, and it's ready!  Alarm and call out features are settable over the phone!

EGM communicates via telephone, two-way radio, or cell phone.  It can also be optioned to provide you with a total of:

  • 10 analog inputs
  • 16 status inputs
  • 1 RTD (Resistive Thermal Device)
  • 4 control outputs
  • 1 frequency input

EGM is a cost-effective retrofit to existing generator sites which cause major problems.

Don't let power outages or - 40 º C cut your production!