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Xtel International Ltd. is pleased to provide this useful addition to the capabilities of its XtelAlert ä (XTA) product.

Why Modem Capabilities?

XTAs are sometimes installed in very remote and hostile environments.  Many XTA users need to retrieve XTA logging records or change XTA operating parameters of these remotely located XTAs.  Xtel developed easy to use terminal software and a robust and compliant modem option for the XTA to allow it clients remote access to their XTAs.

What is Provided...

A low temperature, low power consumption modem with North American standard Bell 103, 212 and 202S/T capabilities.  This allows operation over telephone lines, cellphones and 2 way radio systems.  Terminal compatible software in the XTA allows the use of any standard PC based terminal program.

How it Works...

Accessing the XTA:. The user phones the XTA with a modem equipped computer and a terminal program such as MicroSoft Hyperterminal. The XTA will answer the call and start a modem connection sequence if no DTMF is entered within 30 seconds.  The XTA automatically negotiates the best data rate and uses V.42 data retransmission protocol to remove transmission errors.  The user is given a logon page.  Upon successful logon the user can navigate to the XTA log page, status page, or configuration page. The XTA will disconnect a remote modem session after 30 seconds of no activity.

Local RS232 Access: The user can also access the above functions locally on a daughter board equipped  XTA using a computer with a RS232 interface plugged into the XTA RS232 connector.  The users interface is the same as above.

The following screenshot of the XTA Link personal computer software which shows a typical drop down box that is used through out to simplify the XTA setup and download procedures.

The XTA user can also make XTA operating changes such as phone numbers, alarm labels, alarm debounce times, callout sequences, control outputs, etc.