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Is your company incurring unnecessary production losses?

Minimize your risk of a dead cell phone battery at call out time?

The XBC External Battery Charger Option works with the XtelAlert Remote Site Monitor, properly charging and monitoring an external battery for rock solid backup power to the XtelAlert (XTA) and an approved cell phone.

XBC (External Battery Charging)

This option externalizes XTA's smart battery circuit to monitor and charge a high capacity battery.  At - 40 ° C, actual battery capacity is very critical when planning for crucial call outs from remote locations. 

The XBC option consists of a custom XTA, a standard 120 Volt wallmount transformer or 24Vdc power cord, a 10 Amp Hour battery, and a cell phone.  external battery chargerUnder normal circumstances, the XTA receives its operating current from a 120 Volt or 24Vdc source, and it maintains the external battery at optimum charge.  As soon as commercial power disappears, the XTA draws on battery power to initiate callouts via the cell phone.  XTA manages the power for the cell phone, the battery, and itself.  This particular application has proven itself with generator sets and remote booster stations where commercial power failures threaten production & costly freeze ups.

Consider these benefits:

  • XTA will call out for at least one hour after continuous power failure in subzero temperatures
  • XTA will report a discharged XBC-12 battery, reducing possible downtime
  • Before the XBC-12 battery dies of old age, the XTA will report it, reducing your downtime and risk
  • Battery lifetime is maximized; battery charge is temperature compensated to - 40 C
  • The battery charging circuit is XTA-protected from lightning and power surges
  • Cell phone power is less of a "weak link" in callout communication
  • When power fails, XTA  monitors a GENSET, PLC, Tank Level, or Well

Don't let - 40º or power outages cut your production...

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